Grateful thanks to Tony James and FreeREG for the data of this period.

Grfname Grsname Of Occupation Grfathfname Grfathsname Grfthoccupation Brfname Brsname Of Brfathfname Brfathsname Brfathoccupation Mardate
Charles SIMONDS Labourer Isaac SIMONDS Tailor Mary THORNE (no name) (no name) 7 Jan 1838
Thomas JONES Labourer W'm JONES Labourer Jane WOODROW John WOODROW Labourer 17 Dec 1840
George POOLE Tailor John POOLE Labourer Ann ETTERY John ETTERY * Minder 7 Jan 1841
Thomas DIBBLE * Thomas DIBBLE Labourer Emma SAUNDERS John SAUNDERS Thatcher 23 Feb 1841
William WEBBER Labourer William WEBBER Labourer Jane CLATWORTHY (no name) (no name) 1 Apr 1841
Benjamin BURGE Labourer George BURGE Labourer Eliza LANGDON Martin LANGDON Labourer 3 Feb 1842
John Sully WENSLEY Bath Servant on the Great Western Rail Road William WENSLEY Nurseryman Anne HALL George HALL Servant 4 Mar 1842
Robert GILES Farmer John GILES Farmer Anne HOLMES William LEIGH Farmer 17 Mar 1842
James MATTHEWS Brighton Carpenter William MATTHEWS Carpenter Maria HURLEY John HURLEY Cordwainer 31 Mar 1842
William BRANCHFLOWER Labourer John BRANCHFLOWER Labourer Ann HOLE Barnard HOLE Labourer 9 Feb 1843
Richard WATTS Labourer John WATTS Labourer Anne HEROD William HEROD * 23 Mar 1843
John BAKER Shgumber Blacksmith William BAKER Blacksmith Mary Anne GAYLOR Henry GAYLOR Publican ? 25 Apr 1844
Richard KIDNER Woodforte Farmer Richard KIDNER Farmer Harriet DIBBLE William DIBBLE Farmer 27 Mar 1845
James DAVIS Woolforde Labourer James DAVIS Labourer Sarah HOLE Bernard HOLE Labourer 17 Jul 1845
Richard SULLY Carpenter John SULLY Carpenter Louisa ETTERY John ETTERY Shoemaker 29 Jan 1846
William STEVENS Labourer Thomas STEVENS Labourer Jane GRIFFITH John GRIFFITH Labourer 12 Nov 1846
William WATTS Labourer William WATTS Labourer Harriet BINDON Robert BINDON Labourer 28 Jun 1847
John WATTS Shoemaker James WATTS Cooper Mary SAUNDERS James SAUNDERS Thatcher 27 Nov 1847
John HEROD Labourer John HEROD Labourer Sarah HARFORD John HARFORD Siloman  ? 30 Dec 1847
Thomas STEVENS Labourer Thomas STEVENS Labourer Charlotte BURGE Nettlecombe William BURGE Labourer 13 Jan 1848
John WATTS Labourer John WATTS Labourer Harriet BURGE John BURGE Labourer 15 Mar 1848
Henry WATTS Labourer William WATTS Labourer Elizabeth STAFFORD James STAFFORD Labourer 18 Jun 1848
John DIBBLE Farmer William DIBBLE Farmer Elizabeth JENKINS Thomas JENKINS Farmer 9 Nov 1848
William STONE Farmer William STONE Farmer Emma PURSEY Samford Beck James PURSEY Farmer 27 Jul 1850
James MORSE Labourer John MORSE Labourer Elizabeth HOBBS Ephraim HOBBS Labourer 11 Nov 1850
William CALLOWAY Labourer Thomas CALLOWAY Labourer Jane PAYNE John PAYNE Labourer 16 Sep 1852
John ELWORTHY Crowcombe Tailor Charles ELWORTHY Gardener Sarah MATHEWS William MATHEWS Carpenter 29 Mar 1853
James HILL Shoemaker James HILL Inn Keeper Anne LEWIS William LEWIS Labourer 19 Apr 1853
James LAWFULL Luxbourgh Shoemaker James LAWFULL Shoemaker Anna HURLEY John HURLEY Shoemaker 26 May 1853
Henry BAILEY East Quantoxhead Labourer James BAILEY Labourer Ann ROULLEY Chas ROULLEY Labourer 9 Aug 1853
John STENNER Carhampton Labourer Thomas STENNER Labourer Mary Ann DUNN James DUNN Labourer 10 Nov 1853
Joseph CHAPMAN Labourer James CHAPMAN Labourer Sarah WATTS John WATTS Labourer 25 Jul 1854
John HOLE Labourer James HOLE Carpenter Elizabeth STEVENS Robert STEVENS Labourer 30 Nov 1854
Charles GRANDFIELD Schoolmaster Thomas GRANDFIELD Thatcher Harriett STONE Francis STONE Cordwainer 12 Apr 1855
William ROOKE Stogumber Labourer William ROOKE Labourer Charlotte HUTCHINGS Jacob HUTCHINGS Carpenter 22 Nov 1855
William PARSONS Labourer William PARSONS Labourer Maria WATTS Richard WATTS Labourer 25 Jan 1856
Henry SMITH Servant John SMITH Gamekeeper Sarah LEWIS William LEWIS Labourer 16 Oct 1856
John HILL Carpenter Samuel HILL Servant Eliza GRANFIELD Thomas GRANFIELD Thatcher 8 Oct 1857
William ELTON Stogumber Gentleman Henry ELTON Gentleman Mary NOTLEY James B NOTLEY Gentleman 7 Apr 1859
THOMAS KENT Plumber Adam KENT Soldier ANN COUTTS George COUTTS Labourer 26 Sep 1859
Robert AMERY Farmer James AMERY Farmer Elizabeth RAWLE Minehead John RAWLE Farmer 20 Oct 1859
John Cape LEIGH Old Cleeve Farmer William LEIGH Farmer Eddy Day NETHERWOOD William Day NETHERWOOD Labourer 12 Mar 1860
William WATTS Labourer Richard WATTS Labourer Sarah LANGDON Martin LANGDON Labourer 2 Jul 1860
Charles Cattle LOCKYER Labourer John LOCKYER Farmer Elizabeth DORE Peter DORE Butcher 17 Oct 1860
Jesse WATTS Labourer Richard WATTS Labourer Elizabeth RANTLEY Charles RANTLEY Labourer 18 Dec 1860
Charles LOVELL Mason David LOVELL Labourer Jane CLEMENT Thomas HATHERLEY Farmer 25 Dec 1860
Richard MASON Shoemaker James MASON Carpenter Jane OTTERY James DAVIS Labourer 26 Jan 1861
William ORGAN St Decumans * Samuel ORGAN Labourer Mary POPE John POPE Labourer 26 Aug 1862
George HOLE Carpenter George HOLE Carpenter Elizabeth ETTERY Robert ETTERY Shoemaker 16 Jul 1863
Henry SKINNER Bath Gentleman George SKINNER Surgeon Anna JENKINS Thomas JENKINS Farmer 8 Oct 1863
John LANGDON Labourer Philip LANGDON Labourer Eliza PARSONS William PARSONS Labourer 29 Feb 1864
Thomas PARSONS Labourer (no name (no name)   Ann SAUNDERS William SAUNDERS Miller 12 Apr 1864
Robert RIDLER Labourer George RIDLER Labourer Charlotte GRATTON Amos GRATTON Labourer 10 Aug 1864
James HALL Crowcombe Labourer Thomas HALL Labourer Sarah ROUTLEY John ROUTLEY Labourer 8 Sep 1864
James GRATTON Labourer Amos GRATTON Labourer Harriet WINTER Catcombe John WINTER Labourer 9 May 1867
William Charles MAGGS Northwood Isle of Wight Solicitors Clerk Charles MAGGS Tailor Eleanor POOLE George POOLE Butcher 30 Jun 1869
James DUNN Labourer John DUNN Labourer Eliza LANGDON William PARSONS Labourer 30 Aug 1869
Benjamin POOLE Labourer Benjamin POOLE Labourer May LEWIS William LEWIS Labourer 25 Nov 1869
John CLATWORTHY Labourer Nathaniel CLATWORTHY Labourer Sarah Jane LANGDON John LANGDON Labourer 6 Aug 1871
Charles John GORE Yeovil Policeman Charles GORE Labourer Mary CHIDGEY Richard CHIDGEY Tailor 10 Oct 1872
Arthur SMITH Servant William SMITH Shoemaker Jemima Farmer LOVELL James LOVELL Mason 14 Apr 1873
George BURGE Sawyer Benjamin BURGE Labourer Rachel PAYNE Stogumber Thomas PAYNE Labourer 25 Nov 1873
Thomas PURCHASE Miner Lin PURCHASE Shoemaker Isabella RACKLIFF William RACKLIFF Carpenter 12 May 1874
William HOLE Carpenter George HOLE Carpenter Ann Langdon SELLICK William SELLICK Farmer 9 Nov 1876
Edmund TURNER Lydeard St Lawerence Shoemaker Samuel TURNER Shoemaker Emma POOLE George POOLE Gamekeeper 29 May 1877
Joseph LOXTON Enmore Porter Isacc LOXSTON Mason Elizabeth YANDLE William YANDLE Labourer 1 Aug 1877
William Edwin REMFRY Beverley Yorkshire Clerk in Holy Order William Henry REMFRY Clerk in Holy Order Mary Emily Georguine COGAN John Slocombe COGAN Farmer 29 Oct 1878
Charles HAWKINS Luxborough Farmer Richard HAWKINS Farmer Jane Ellen JENKINS Thomas JENKINS Farmer 3 Apr 1879
George NEATHY Waggoner Georeg NEATHY Labourer Sarah Jane CLATWORTHY John LANGDON Labourer 18 Nov 1879
Henry FARMER Builder William FARMER Shoemaker Sarah Ann HILL James HILL Servant 21 Oct 1880
William Henry SHEARS Eling Hants Miller Henry SHEARS Shoemaker Mary Jane HOLE Charles HOLE Carpenter 30 Jun 1881
Joel Thorne SULLY Carpenter Richard SULLY Carpenter Louisa Ann POOLE Charles POOLE Gardener 12 Oct 1882
George CALLOWAY Labourer Robert CALLOWAY Labourer Eliza HORSEY WiIlliam HORSEY Labourer 11 Jun 1883
Robert KING Otterhampton Labourer John KING Labourer Elizabeth LANE James LANE Gardeners Labourer 28 Jul 1883
John WATTS Labourer John WATTS Labourer Eva PORTER William PORTER Labourer 2 Nov 1883
James APLIN Labourer John APLIN Labourer Eva CROCKER Hugh Charles CROCKER Freestone Mason 31 Dec 1888