Grfname Grsname Of Trade Gr-Father Fathers trade Brfname Brsname Of Br-father Fathers trade DD MM YYYY
Henry Culverwell Brown Crowcombe Shopkeeper James Yeoman Elizabeth Newton Crowcombe Charles Yeoman 30 3 1839
George Clarke Nether Stowey Tailor George Pass Master* Elizabeth Newton Crowcombe Abraham Shoemaker 30 3 1839 * Could this have been Post Master?
Philip Cridland Crowcombe Butcher Thomas Butcher Elizabeth Sarah Welshman Alford Crowcombe John Farmer 5 9 1839
Henry Beck Thorne Stogumber Butcher Joseph Farmer Elizabeth Stone Flaxpool, Crowcombe John Yeoman 21 4 1840
Charles Barrell Cannington Shoemaker Benjamin Shoemaker Emma Jordon Crowcombe Henry @ John Mason 20 6 1840 Groom a minor
Thomas Sweeting Crowcombe Servant Thomas Lab Harriet Jane Bird Crowcombe Samuel Shipwright 25 6 1840
Alfred William Hare Clerkenwell, Msx Merchant William Merchant Mary Peers Crowcombe Henry Simms Ironmonger 5 6 1841
William Davis Crowcombe Lab James Lab Jane Showyer Crowcombe Edward Lab 6 1 1842
John Hill Flaxpool, Crowcombe Lab James Lab Sarah Criddle Flaxpool, Crowcombe Charles Carpenter 25 1 1842
James Totterdell Crowcombe Thatcher Thomas Thatcher Frances Cavil Crowcombe Thomas (Harvey) Lab 10 3 1842 She, Widow
James Takle Crowcombe Lab John Lab Ann Hill Crowcombe John Blacksmith 9 2 1843
Richard Nation Crowcombe Shoemaker George Tanner Sarah Strong Crowcombe Daniel Lab 19 6 1843 She, 19
William Smith Crowcombe Lab William Lab Edith Hyett Crowcombe William Lab 13 7 1843 He, Widower
James Allen Crowcombe Lab James Lab Ann Mason Crowcombe Richard Lab 25 8 1843
John Duddridge Crowcombe Carpenter William Carpenter Elizabeth Parsons Crowcombe William Lab 11 9 1843
William Hill Crowcombe Blacksmith John Blacksmith Charlotte Allen Crowcombe Thomas Lab 4 11 1843
William Watts Crowcombe Carpenter Henry Cooper Mary Ann Baker Crowcombe Thomas Painter 28 11 1843 He, Widower
Robert Parsons Crowcombe Mason Thomas Lab Elizabeth Davis Crowcombe James Lab 11 1 1844
Abraham Allen Crowcombe Lab Philip Lab Jane Mason Crowcombe George (Norman) Lab 20 2 1844 He, Widower, she, Widow
Henry Weymouth Crowcombe Lab Thomas Lab Elizabeth Routley Crowcombe William Lab 22 2 1844
George Wood Crowcombe Lab John Lab Sarah Smith Crowcombe John Lab 8 3 1844
John Jordan Crowcombe Joiner Henry Mason Jane Lock Crowcombe Charles Lab 2 5 1844
George Herniman Crowcombe Lab John Lab Hannah Davis Crowcombe James Lab 26 8 1844
Henry Tarr Charles Lab Henry Lab Elizabeth Peke Crowcombe John (Gold) Lab 6 11 1844 He, Widower, she, Widow
James Woolcott Bishops Lydeard Linen draper John Linen draper Martha Newton Crowcombe Charles Farmer 12 7 1845
James White Broomfield Farmer William Farmer Mary Mullens Webber Flaxpool, Crowcombe Thomas Farmer 23 4 1846
Henry Howe Crowcombe Late Colour Sergt. 40th Reg Henry Watch maker Elizabeth Knott Crowcombe William Shoemaker 9 6 1846
George Barker Crowcombe Mason John Mason Ann Payne Crowcombe Michael Lab 16 6 1846
George Burston Crowcombe Lab George Lab Mary Bishop Crowcombe James Lab 6 10 1846
Richard Clarke Lucombe Farmer Richard Farmer Harriet Newton Crowcombe Charles Farmer 7 8 1847
Matthew Charles Forster Crowcombe (Court) Commander R.N. George Col, R. Artillery Ellenora Carew Crowcombe (Court) George Henry Esq. 12 8 1847 He, Widower
John Davis Crowcombe Tailor Daniel Servant Conistabella Jordan Crowcombe Henry Mason 17 1 1848
William Lyddon Cornish Wiveliscombe Farmer John Farmer Eliza Newton Crowcombe Charles Farmer 6 5 1848
Thomas Palfrey Broadmead Milverton Barrister Philip Magistrate Harriet Bucknell Crowcombe James Merchant 16 8 1848
Charles Stevens Crowcombe Lab John Lab Sarah Caple Crowcombe William Lab 6 1 1849
John Pile Crowcombe Lab John Farmer Sarah Ash Crowcombe William Lab 3 3 1849
George Wood Crowcombe Lab John Lab Elizabeth Clement Crowcombe George Lab 26 4 1849 (Fathers name written as “Clements”)
Samuel Moore Crowcombe Gardner Henry Gardner Sarah Westcott Crowcombe Henry Lab 25 12 1849 She, 19
James Webber Crowcombe Lab William Lab Harriet Strong Crowcombe Daniel Lab 15 4 1850
Henry Bereman Crowcombe Lab John Lab Honour Bosley Crowcombe John Mason 19 4 1850
George Sayer Crowcombe Tailor William Lab Jane Shattock Crowcombe George Carpenter 5 5 1850
Jesse Knott Crowcombe Cordwainer William Parish clerk Mary Anne Giles Crowcombe John Innkeeper 1 10 1850
Francis Webber Crowcombe Thatcher Robert Thatcher Mary Coles Crowcombe James Carpenter 1 11 1850
James Newton Crowcombe Lab Isaac Lab Sarah Conibeer Crowcombe Richard (Burge) Lab 7 11 1850 She, Widow
William Date Crowcombe Lab Thomas Lab Harriet Webber Crowcombe Robert Thatcher 20 11 1850 He, Widower
Daniel Davis Stogumber Glazier Daniel Servant Sabina? Meade Crowcombe Thomas Servant 24 12 1850
Joseph Stevens Crowcombe Lab James Lab Sarah Lewis Crowcombe Peter Lab 2 1 1851
John Ackland Crowcombe Lab James Lab Jane Weymouth Crowcombe Thomas Lab 10 2 1851
Mark Herniman Crowcombe Blacksmith William Blacksmith Jane Baker Crowcombe Moses Blacksmith 29 4 1851
George Farthing Crowcombe Lab William Lab Sarah Duddridge Crowcombe John Lab 22 5 1851
Henry Westcott Crowcombe Lab John Lab Sarah Sydenham Crowcombe John (Pearce) Carpenter 3 6 1851 He, Widower, she, Widow
John Sealy Bridgwater Porter John Lab Jane Hurley Crowcombe John Lab 23 9 1851
William Thresher Crowcombe Lab Thomas Lab Anne Beven Crowcombe John Servant 10 12 1851 He, Widower
William Payne Crowcombe Servant James Lab Mary Rowe Crowcombe John Miller 7 2 1852
William Langdon Crowcombe Baker William Shoemaker Louisa Brice Crowcombe Edward Baker 25 5 1852
William Channing Kingston Lab Thomas Lab Jane Westcott Crowcombe Henry Lab 2 9 1852 He, Widower
Isaac Seymour Crowcombe Lab Abraham Lab Eliza Davis Crowcombe James Lab 14 2 1853
Robert Strong Crowcombe Lab Daniel Lab Mary Webber Crowcombe John Lab 21 4 1853
Richard Follett Bishops Lydeard Butcher John Farmer Marianne Newton Crowcombe Charles Farmer 2 8 1853
William Burston Crowcombe Farmer John Farmer Mary Ann Lane Crowcombe John Farmer 1 12 1853
Michael Ryan Crowcombe Servant Owen Lab Mary Jane Bryant Crowcombe William Carpenter 23 3 1854
John Pile Crowcombe Servant John Lab Jane Jones Crowcombe John Lab 13 6 1854
John Grant Crowcombe Lab Thomas Lab Elizabeth Payne Crowcombe James Lab 5 12 1854
Job Herniman Crowcombe Soldier? William Blacksmith Jemima Jane Shattock Bishops Lydeard Samuel Blacksmith 7 2 1855
Francis Follett Crowcombe Butcher John Farmer Ann Weetch Crowcombe Abraham Farmer 19 6 1855
William Harris Crowcombe Lab John Lab Mary Farthing Crowcombe William Lab 19 2 1856
George Berryman Crowcombe Lab John Lab Elizabeth Chorley Crowcombe James Lab 28 2 1856
William Brewer Crowcombe Farmer James Farmer Mary Ann Tarr Crowcombe George Farmer 4 9 1856 She, 19
Richard Webber Crowcombe Lab Thomas Lab Sarah Denbury Crowcombe William Baker 15 2 1858
Robert Blackmore Crowcombe Lab Abraham Lab Charlotte Weymouth Crowcombe Thomas Lab 18 2 1858
Giles Quick Burnham Butcher John Gardner Elizabeth Lane Crowcombe John Farmer 18 5 1858 He, Widower
James Carrott Crowcombe Lab Robert Lab Jane Duddridge Crowcombe William Carpenter 27 5 1858
George Ash Crowcombe Shepherd William Shepherd Penelope Burston Crowcombe William Yeoman 1 3 1859
Thomas Lane Nettlecombe Lab Abraham Lab Mary Ann Western Crowcombe Benjamin Gardiner 25 4 1859
William Davis Crowcombe Lab James Lab Mary Ann Williams Crowcombe Robert (Baker) Blacksmith 8 5 1859 He, Widower, she, Widow
John Cavill Stogumber Servant Henry Lab Mary Jane Webber Flaxpool, Crowcombe Robert Thatcher 12 5 1859
Amos Marks Crowcombe Gardner William Shoemaker Mary Jane Baker Bishops Lydeard James Lab 25 8 1859 He, Widower
Henry Shambrook Crowcombe Servant Henry Bailiff Mary Dyer Crowcombe Henry Carpenter 6 10 1859
William Denbury Crowcombe Gardner William Baker Mary Dubin Crowcombe Joseph Lab 2 11 1859
Thomas Sweeting Crowcombe Baker William Baker Belinda Dunster Crowcombe Samuel Tradesman 22 12 1859
Richard Chorely Crowcombe Lab James Lab Mary Priest Crowcombe Samuel Lab 7 4 1860
George Cape Chinn Water Farm Farmer William Farmer Susan Herniman Little Quantock Jonathan Farmer 19 6 1860
Thomas Sheldrake Crowcombe Lab Richard Lab Eliza Hobbs Crowcombe Robert Lab 9 9 1860
James Dennet Stogumber Sawyer William Lab Lena Davis Crowcombe George Mason 18 10 1860
George Parish Staplegrove Yeoman George Yeoman Ann Watts Crowcombe Charles Yeoman 25 10 1860 He, Widower, aged 41, she, aged 38
Coventry Warrington Carew Crowcombe Gent. Thomas George W. Esq. Rosetta Anne Hotham Crowcombe John William Lieut. R.N. 6 11 1860