The following pictures show scenes at Crowcombe (Heathfield) in BR and possibly GWR days. In most cases it has not been possible to discover the original photographer so if any copyright has been accidently infringed, I must beg forgiveness.

It is very interesting to compare similar views today and note the changes that have taken place.

This picture of the station is from an old postcard and looks as if it could have been taken in the 1890's as the longitudinal baulk sleepers are still in place post-broad gauge. Most later pictures show a bracket signal on the down platform, a situation which continues to this day.

A fine view from the Williton end of the Down Platform showing the Down Starter bracket signal and also the Up siding and loading bank. What a change in the local landscape today!

This is believed to be Sept. 1953 showing a 4575 Small Prairie arriving at the Up Platform while another waits in the loop at the Down Platform, a scene that was available fifty years on in 2003 when our 'own' 5542 crossed with visiting 5553.
It would appear that there was still freight traffic at that time looking at the pile of sand/fertiliser(?) alongside the siding.

Small Prairie 5525 arrives at the Down platform c. 1958

A view of the station believed to be in the 50's. The Stationmaster(?) is waiting for a signalled arrival on the Up platform. There are not many items that are the same today; the obvious bridge in the background, otherwise the posts of the running-in board on the Down platform (now hold hanging baskets in summer), and the pine trees behind the signal box. All other buildings have either gone or been replaced.

Large Prairie 6157 waits in the Up platform in 1959

A rare shot of the Whittaker apparatus in action on the down line, apparently taken from the leading coach behind a tender engine, either a 22XX 0-6-0 or a 43XX Mogul 2-6-0

Unique event when Taunton pannier tank 9647 towed 46229 "Duchess of Hamilton" to Minehead, to be 'stuffed and mounted' at Butlins. Thankfully, the Duchess was rescued about 1972 and was towed back to Taunton by a Class 25 for preservation and still delights on the main line today.

Passengers checking departure times outside the Up platform buildings.

The rot is setting in! Its post-1966, the signals (and signalbox) have gone and the Down platform line appears to be out of use