As a development of the site, I thought it might be interesting to show some pictures of locos or interesting moves we have had through Crowcombe Heathfield over the years. However, do look at the "Before Closure" section to see locos that passed though Crowcombe in the past.

With the sucessful inauguration of the loop and signal box, trains cross again at Crowcombe. 88 and 4160 meet, 2/5/94.

Dr. Peter Darke

88 (or 53808) sets back into the up platform with the "Tidy Up Train" (or "Steptoe Special") on 5/3/95.

Visiting Bulleid 34039 arrives at Crowcombe on 9/3/96, honestly! For the March Gala '96, the 'theme' was the S.& D. re-visited (40th. anniversary of closure), and all the stations took on the mantle of a long-lost S.& D. station and Crowcombe became "Blandford".

3205, double heading with visiting 7325, waits at the down platform for an up train to pass. Notice the "garden fencing" hiding the Permanent Way exhibition; this was during the filming of "The Land Girls" and was a convenient way to avoid removing the exhibits. Sept. '96

Not what it seems! An acute observer will notice that the nearest loco has a tail lamp; this was the occasion when both Hymeks, D7017 and D7018, were used as bankers from B. Lydeard up to Crowcombe, (just for the hell of it!), on 18/5/97.

The delightful auto-fitted 1450 with Auto coach departs Crowcombe on a damp day, Sept '96.

Dr. Peter Darke

08 850 brings "Braunton" through CH on the way to Williton before the start of her restoration, on 22/2/97.

Dr. Peter Darke

7828 simmers in the up platform on Santa duties on 8/12/01.

Dr. Peter Darke

7820 and visiting 5051 wait in the down platform for the road on 21/3/00.

Visiting Warship, D832, comes to a stand in the down platform Sept '96.

Dr. Peter Darke

7820 on 1220 BL crosses light Deltic on 26/9/98

Dr. Peter Darke

Just like the 50's; visiting Mogul 7325 climbs the bank into CH on 20/3/99.

7828 on a down freight, from the Up Home bracket signal, on 10/9/2000, giving a good overall view of the layout.

For one magical day we had snow, blue skies and steam still running on 29/12/00. 7820 coasts into the down platform on the 1225 BL.

While not strictly within station limits, the photo was taken on Crowcombe road bridge - 6024 approaching the station while working the 0645 Minehead to Paddington special on 19/5/01.

Small Prairies still call at Crowcombe Heathfield! Newly outshopped 5542 arrives in the up platform on one of her first revenue earning trips since restoration.

Gill Southwood

Royal accolade; 47 798 "Prince William" brings the Royal Train carrying HRH Duke of Edinburgh to Minehead, through Crowcombe Heathfield on 1/11/02. As duty signalman, I'm exchanging ticket pouches with the Conductor Driver, Trevor Barnet.

John Ayres

John Ayres

A rare movement occured on 8/2/2003 when the Sentinel diesel/electric shunter based at Williton with the D. & E.P.G. brought a small freight train from Williton to Crowcombe Heathfield on the occasion of its 39th. birthday, before running round its train and returning to Williton.

Spring Gala visitor, Ivatt tank 41312 about to depart the down platform on 30/3/03, with a 'green' rake of coaches simulating a Southern branch.

Spring Gala visitor, 30053 approaching the up loop on a demonstration freight, 1505 ex-WN, 27/3/03.

More Spring Gala visitors, Southern M7 30053 with Ivatt tank 41312 wait at the up platform on 30/3/03, with the 1310 ex-MD.

Three companies in one shot! Visiting Midland Ivatt 41312 along with Southern M7 30053 are crossed at Crowcombe with Great Western 7820 "Dinmore Manor"on the 1405 ex-BL.

M. Hodge

From ancient to modern, Spring Gala visitor on a through special, 1Z27, 67006 waits in Crowcombe down platform on its way to Minehead, Saturday 29/03/03.

Beryl Ayres

Yet again, 'Small Prairies still call at Crowcombe'. Carrying a "75th. Birthday" headboard 5542 arrives in Crowcombe up platform on its way from Minehead.

Another view of 5542 on the beautifully restored autocoach which has proved so popular, on Gala Friday 3/10/03.

4936 departs from the Up platform on the 1400 ex-MD during the Grand Trains Extravaganza of 26/10/03, after crossing with the down 1455 ex-BL.

34022 "Exmoor", (really "Taw Valley"), departs on Saturday, 27/3/04, on the 1150 ex-BL, seen passing under Crowcombe bridge. This loco was renamed for the Spring Gala weekend in honour of the 50th. Anniversary of the founding of Exmoor National Park. (Note the newly cleared lineside, a result of clearence by the Special Projects Group of David Holmes, and also the Permanent Way Hut being renovated by Derrick Heard.

Double-headed Prairies, 5553 and 5552 depart CH on the 1505 ex Lydeard during the Spring Gala Sunday, 28/3/04.

Visiting from the East Lancs Railway, Standard Class 4 76079 arrives at CH on the 1605 ex Bishops Lydeard on 28/3/04.

Diesel Gala; visiting mainline 66 716 with 33 103 and 33 202 arrive at CH on the 1000 ex-BL on 7-5-04.

During the Sunday of the Diesel Gala, Hymek D7017 arrives at CH on the 1310 ex-MD, crossing 7820 in the down platform on the 1405 ex-BL, Sunday 9-5-04.

Mainline superpower; Hanson-liveried 59 103, "City of Mells", double-heading with Highland logo (!) 37 419, arrives at CH on the 1405 ex-MD on Sunday 9-5-04.

Three generations of mainline diesels; Hymek D7017 arrives with the 1505 ex-BL while 59 103 with 37 419 wait for the road with the 1405 ex-MD, Sunday 9-5-04.

Permanent Way ballast train of hoppers headed by 33 048 waits in the down platform while a service train crosses in the up platform, 6-7-04.

5553 arrives in the down platform, about to pick up an extra large party of passengers who were on a wedding party trip to Blue Anchor, 25-7-04.

The ever-popular Auto train propelled by 6412 arrives in the down platform as the 1140 ex-Norton Fitzwarren, before returning there as the 1210 ex-CH on 24-10-04.

Our "new" Mogul, 9351 hauls a train from BL into the down platform in late December 2004; a view from temporary scaffolding around the signal box.

Spring Gala specials; 7822 Foxcote Manor, visiting from the Llangolen Railway, double heading visiting Castle 5051 Earl Bathurst on the 1405 ex BL on Sun 20-3-05.

Special visitor 3440 City of Truro arrives at the up platform hauling the 1405 ex MD on Sunday 20-3-05.

3440 City of Truro departing for Bishops Lydeard, 1405 ex MD on Sunday 20-3-05.

On these special occasions, rare events sometimes take place, as here where three panier tanks are triple heading. 6412, 4612 from the Bodmin and Wenford Railway and our old friend 9466 from Quainton, departing for Bishops Lydeard on the 1505 ex MD.

67 014 returns a charter through Crowcombe Heathfield at 1740 on 16/4/2005 on its way back to Hooton, Merseyside.

Gill Southwood

Ex-LNWR Super D 49395 leaves Crowcombe on Gala Friday 30/9/2005 with a goods train from Minehead.

35005 "Canadian Pacific" arrives at Crowcombe Heathfield on the 1055 ex-BL on Gala Friday 30/9/2005

Not having ventured as far as Crowcombe in daylight during the Gala, Beattie well-tank 30587 arrives at Crowcombe Heathfield on Sunday 22/10/05 on the 0930 ex-Minehead goods as part of the Grand Trains Extravaganza.

Newly restored Great Western heavy freight 2-8-0, No. 3850 departs Crowcombe Heathfield on 7/8/2006 bound for Minehead.

Ex-Southern Railway 850 "Lord Nelson" has been brought to the Railway for running in and test purposes. Here, it waits at CH with its support coach while being towed in light steam to Minehead on 16/8/2006.

Having been passed by the last up service train of the day, 850 "Lord Nelson" sets off for Minehead, towed by 33 048.

After some initial teething problems, 850 "Lord Nelson" settles down to some regular running. Here, its departing CH for Bishops Lydeard on 30/9/2006 with the 1015 ex-MD.

Now heres an unusual move and unusual motive power. Small diesel shunter 03 119 brings the Atlas wagon through CH with a load of sacks of coal from Minehead destined for Bishops Lydeard on 13/12/06 for bunkering the Lydeard based locos on Santa duties.

Spring Gala 17-3-2007; 80136 and visiting unrebuilt "West Country", 34007 "Wadebridge" depart on the 1055 Minehead.

Spring gala Thursday 22-3-2007; 88 and 34007 on 1420 Minehead wait to cross 4160 and 5553 on 1525 BL.

Spring Gala Saturday, 24-3-2007; 47839 brings 1Z44 Sheffield to Minehead charter into Crowcombe.

Spring Gala Saturday 24-3-2007; unusual crossing pair; 88 on 1055 MD crosses 47839 on Sheffield - Minehead charter.

An interesting development in the summer of 2007 is the running of "Butlins Express" from Minehead to Bristol and return, the first time since the late 60's that through scheduled trains have run from the branch onto the mainline network. In co-operation with Vecta Westlink Rail, these comprised 31 454 (at MD end), six Mk. 2 coaches and 31 452 (at the TN end), and were worked on Butlins (Minehead) change-over days of Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays from the end of July to the end of August. Here 31 454 at the head of 1Z39, 1406 from Bristol Temple Meads to Minehead on 11/8/2007, crosses an up train at Crowcombe.

1Z39, 31 454 on 1406 Bristol Temple Meads to Minehead on 11/8/2007, approaching Crowcombe bridge.

More a shot of the Autocoach than of 1450 but a very delightful shot with it sitting in the down platform.

Norman Grainger

3850 brings a 'working' freight through Crowcombe Heathfield. It was deputising for a failed Class 25 on a daily ballast working on 12-12-2007 from Norton triangle site to Minehead and John Ayres kindly got out of bed early to take the picture in frosty conditions!

John Ayres

3850 storming through CH on 'working' ballast train on 12-12-2007.

John Ayres

Visiting diesel hydraulic Warship class D832 "Onslaught" waits at Crowcombe up platform for a down service to arrive on 17-9-2008.

D832 "Onslaught" departs Crowcombe for Bishops Lydeard on 17-9-2008.

Autumn Steam Gala, 4th. Oct. 2008: immaculately restored 34046 "Braunton" leads 34007 "Wadebridge" out of Crowcombe Heathfield on the 1130 BL. Compare this picture to when she passed on 22/2/97.

Autumn Steam Gala, 4th. Oct. 2008: Visiting USA S160 No. 5197 from the Churnet Valley Railway waits on the up platform while on the 1030 MD.

Getting ready for the Spring Steam Gala; first time ever on the W.S.R., A4 Class 60019 "Bittern" carefully progresses clearance checks on both platform roads on 17/3/2009. The loco had just arrived via the main line connection, from its normal base on the mid Hants Railway.

New-build L.N.E.R. A1 visitor No. 60163 "Tornado" arrives at Crowcombe Heathfield with the 1505 ex-B. Lydeard on 5/6/09 to the delight of photographers. This loco has drawn large crowds to the railway and the numbers carried have been impressive during her two week stay.

No. 60163 gets away down the bank towards Waterdene farm crossing on the 1505 ex-B. Lydeard on 5/6/09.

No. 78019 in the Up platform on the 0820 Goods from Minehead, waits to cross the 0900 from Bishops Lydeard, on the Spring Steam Gala of Friday 26/3/2010.

No. 78019 departs the Up platform on the 0820 Goods from Minehead on 26/3/2010 during the Spring Steam Gala.

No. 34046 "Braunton"at the Up platform with the Spring flowers showing to perfection on 8/4/2010.

Tim Stanger

With the need for improved sea defences at Minehead, stone traffic from the Mendips via Westbury runs again. On 24/11/2010, 59104 brings the empty 6Z25 through the station on its way back to the main line. (The loaded runs pass CH at approx. 0710 before there is enough light for photography!).

59104 takes 6Z25 stone empties on their way back to the main line.

Visiting Southern Railway No. 30777 "Sir Lamiel" arrives in Crowcombe Heathfield Up platform on a Minehead to Bishops Lydeard train, crossing S & D. No. 88 on the 1605 BL to MD on 29/3/2011 after the Spring Steam Gala

Prototype British Railways Standard Express loco No. 70000 "Britannia" waits in the Up platform while on 0930 Minehead charter on 3/4/2011

No. 70000 "Britannia" waits to cross No. 4160 on 1025 BL on 3/4/2011

No. 30777 "Sir Lamiel" brings the Quantock Belle set into CH wearing the Royal Train headcode on 3/5/2011 on the occasion of the visit of HRH The Duke of Gloucester to the Railway. The Duke rode the footplate from Bishops Lydeard to Crowcombe, then lunched on the train before opening the new hospital at Minehead.

Gill Southwood

General Manager Paul Conibere with HRH The Duke of Glocester meeting station staff on 3/5/2011.

Gill Southwood

Not many people know that a Royal Train carries two tail lamps.

Gill Southwood

No. 30777 sits in the up platform on 3/5/2011 while returning the empty stock of the erstwhile Royal Train to Bishops Lydeard.

Visiting G.N.R tank No. 1744 brings the 0920 BL goods into Crowcombe Heathfield on a misty morning during the Autumn Gala, 30-9-2011.

A cracking late evening shot with Auto coach 178 propelled by No. 5542 stopped outside the signal box, during the Autumn Steam gala, 30-9-2011.

Tim Stanger

Visiting No. 34070 "Manston" arriving at Crowcombe Heathfield on the 1100 MD during the Autumn Stean Gala, 2-10-2011

Visiting No. 1450 with Auto coach arriving at Crowcombe Heathfield on the last up train on Sat. 31st. March 2012, the 150th. Anniversary of the opening of the line.

No.88 double-heads No.34067 "Tangmere" on a through charter from Paddington, (88 came on at B. Lydeard). This is probably the first occasion of a steam-hauled charter from the main line which, later, returned to its point of origin having turned at Minehead).

Autumn Steam Gala visitor No.92203 climbs into the station on the 1045 ex-MD on 5-10-2012

Autumn Steam Gala again, No.45379 arrives in the down platform, passing No.92203 on 4-10-2012; Signalman Richard Granger gets ready to exchange the token with the Black Five.

Autumn Steam Gala visitor No.45379 departs for Minehead on the 1545 BL on 5-10-2012. A very young visitor hides his face in Dad's trousers!

6960 'Raveningham Hall' gets away from CH bound for Lydeard on 20/5/2014